4 Movies on Ecology p.1, 13+

A masterpiece by the famous Luc Besson. ... Based on a German fiction novel. This is a warning sign against Nuclear Power Plants. ... This short mokumentary tells the journey of a plastic bag on its way home. ... At first looks like a typical American comedy without much sense and with plain humor.


The night before leaving Rio de Janeiro my husband Mika and I learn that truckers went on a strike over gasoline prices and blocked major roads throughout Brazil . . . We won’t let them hurt her,” pointing to his machete, “And I also have something more, in case this won’t be enough,” implying a gun. . . Encosta aê, caralho!” – the man’s eyes start filling with blood, and a hand is reaching for a gun . . .

An Object for Satisfying Sexual Needs p.3

Here i am - on the road again. This time only Eastern Europe. I started with Romania. Locals taught me to say"no money" to the drivers immediately cuz it's common there that average people stop cars on the bus stops and pay some money if the want to get from town A to village B. But i also learned to say "no sex". On the first day of my journey a car stops i say as usually "no money" - "But how you pay?" - "no money" - "but i like you"