Flower of the Snow

Здається, в світі щось змістилось - Явився сніг мені улітку. Чи це просто щось в мені змінилось? Чи це все мені наснилось? Сніг зростив прекрасну квітку. Seems like something's moved in the world - I saw the snow in summer time Maybe something's changed in me? Maybe this was just a dream А beautiful flower…


Істина тебе робить вільною, але щоби бути справді щасливою треба її полюбити більше, ніж ілюзію The truth does make you free but to be trully happy, you have to love it more than the illusion.

Eutour2016. Berlin

People here fight for what they don't have any more but we still have. We fight for what we still don't have but they already have. I wonder if there is a country (a city) where you don't need to fight for neither of these things? I guess wanted to write "a place" but I'm…

On Love (Erotic)

Passion is like lighting a match - it can start the real fire which is Love. A match burns bright and quick but it just gives you a flame. The Fire can burn really long and it has lots of flames. Sometimes you need more than one match to make the fire. Sometimes to start the…

the real magic of tidying

Sometime in spring, I came across a magical book "The life-changing magic of tidying" by Marie Kondo - a Japanese woman who makes money helping people to make their lives better by teaching them decluttering their homes.

just sth

this is me no, it wasn't it is true no, it isn't please believe no, I want Why? Did I knot try? нешукайтезмістудейогонема

pieces of me

On top of the world Where the  hard wind blows We sit here talking Waiting for our time And the cherries are in bloom 16/04/2016  Ужгород, Радванка   I'm just a little girl lost looking for the truth in the world music from "God Help the Girl", movie OST  "Funny Little Frog" some time in…